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67 Years of Experience In Quality

Since its foundation in 1956, Belmar A.S. has been a long term business partner for esteemed clients all over the world. We have rightfully earned our high reputation since the very beginning, for being a quality and trust oriented company. With this deep-rooted background, we also understand the importance of renovation and improvement, allowing us to equip the most recent technologies, develop new projects; and while dedicated to its strong tradition, always aspire to be one step ahead.


Our export department is dedicated to providing the best quality ingredients for food and medicinal industries worldwide, as well as a selection of items for the final user. We focus especially on aromatic herbs, spices, oil seeds, medicinal plants and industrial grade dried fruits.


​We have registered brand names, and we also provide services such as contracted farming projects, consolidated shipments, and private label production of certain items with your desired brand.


Both our production and office staff are geared towards helping our customers and providing the best service, with continuously updated technologies, innovation, market information and fast correspondence.


We know that TRUST is the most important factor in mutual relationships and we build our good reputation by being a highly trusted partner.


We give great importance to reaching and maintaining HIGH QUALITY in our products, and develop ourselves with continuously rising quality standards.


We prefer TEAM WORK over corporate hierarchy and value all our members' opinions leading to improvement.


In addition to decades of experience, we follow the developments in our industry carefully, and continuously RENOVATE our systems.


We perform fast and efficient COMMUNICATION with our suppliers and clients in five languages (Turkish, English, French, Spanish, Italian)


We act on the knowledge that it is more important to build and keep LONG TERM RELATIONSHIPS than finalizing one single deal, and therefore have long term business relationships with all our clients.


We aim at high performance and DISCIPLINE, therefore we take systematic investment and production decisions and aim at longevity in the industry.

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