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From procurement to expedition; each step of our production is planned for quality excellence.

We produce a large range of aromatic herbs, spices, oil seeds, medicinal plants, and dried fruits. Our production steps are carefully planned with quality and sustainability considerations, using state of the art cleaning, processing and packaging equipment, and incorporating renewable energy when applicable.


We deal with 100% natural ingredients, from farm to your factory; selecting raw materials with meticulous care, processing with utmost attention and testing for specification compliance from raw material to final lot. 


We provide many different packaging options, besides our standard packaging for each product; in order to assist you with the most suitable format for your production.


Our quality team is working non-stop for quality testing and assurance, as well as research and development in terms of going one step further each day. Our facilities are equipped with a lab for physical, chemical and microbiological analyses; and we use the best globally accredited labs for additional tests.


We take pride in the fact that we are continuously improving in quality, range of products and produciton capacity, to fortify our position as one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of aromatic herbs, spices, dried fruits and medicinal plants.

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