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Where quality means sustainability

As Belmar A.S., we operate upon the knowledge that each action taken today has an irreversible effect on our world tomorrow. Therefore when it comes to sustainability, every step is important and critical.


Considerable part of our production comes from agricultural and wild collection projects that are carefully planned, well documented, traceable and environmentally responsible.


With the aid of our collaboration partners, our experienced project and production team is fully equipped with all necessary know-how and the enthusiasm to carefully progress agricultural projects in a large variety of culinary and medicinal plants, in each step from allocating the correct land or collection area, to the final product.


We seek renewable energy sources (such as solar electricity) where applicable, and aim to reduce waste to an absolute minimum. We pursue training programs for farmers and collectors regarding product identity, environmental protection and Good Agriculture Practices.


We know that we are all responsible towards eachother, as well as towards nature; and pledge ourselves to maintaining a healthy and safe workplace, as well as abiding by ethical and legal principles.


The future begin today, and we are looking forward to becoming your project partner in Turkey, to move forward each day towards a better and more sustainable future.

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